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Lumberjack Tree Service in Memphis, TN is committed to providing the finest service to their valued customers. If you need an emergency tree removal service to protect your home and family from unforeseen dangers, call 901-801-1849.

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Tree Service Memphis TN

Lumberjack Tree Service in Memphis, TN staffs reliable and skilled tree experts. When you have a tree that requires dire trimming or an immediate removal, expect us to be there at the drop of a hat. Established in 1984, Lumberjack Tree Service seeks to provide excellent customer service and top-tier results. When you need a residential and commercial tree service scheduled, call us today.

Lumberjack Tree Service in Memphis, TN has helped numerous clients with their tree needs. We gladly offer flower bed edging, emergency tree removal and shrub trimming. With every job we undertake, we painstakingly ensure that each task is handled with excellence. From tree trimming to tree planting, consider us for the best total tree care service in town.

To speak with our qualified staff at Lumberjack Tree Service in Memphis, TN, please call 901-801-1849. We are happy to explain our affordable pricing to you.

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